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Блог статии

12-те козметични продукта, които всяка жена трябва да притежава

07 Мар 2018
Most women have the same exact problem: a cosmetic bag that's overflowing, but no clue exactly what to do with all the products. That's when it's time...

Поглед в бъдещето: На какво ще заложат дизайнерите през 2019-а?

04 Мар 2018
As 2018 begins, trend followers and style conscious consumers are already looking ahead to the key themes and trends that are set to influence their w...

Историята на една вечна тенденция: Перата в модата

01 Мар 2018
Feathers are everywhere in the fashion world lately. From the ubiquitous feather hair extensions, to jewelry, to prints and textiles evoking these sty...

Как да изберем обеци според формата на лицето?

17 Фев 2018
Don’t make the mistake of wearing earrings that are “in style” but don’t really suit you. There are many things to consider when choosing the right pa...

Могат ли обувките на висок ток да бъдат и красиви, и удобни?

02 Фев 2018
High heels complete an outfit like no other accessory or clothing item. But they’re not always your unconditional friends. Heels that are too small ca...