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Поглед в бъдещето: На какво ще заложат дизайнерите през 2019-а?

Поглед в бъдещето: На какво ще заложат дизайнерите през 2019-а?

Charlotte Casiraghi, the face of Gucci beauty, really knows how to wear red lipstick. Photo: Gucci 

Spring in three words? Feel good fashion. Phoebe Philo summed up the beatific mood: “If there is anything to say at the moment, let it be with love. Let it be joyful.”

That translated literally as clothes to party in – sparkles, tassles, feathers – and to wiggle in – pencil skirts, sheer layers, fantastic plastics. But it also seeped into the sedentary staples which form the foundations of our wardrobes: trench coats, denim, slip dresses – all souped up via ingenious hems and washes and embellishments, having morphed into über versions of themselves. The other big story? Designers sticking to their guns. Having carved out an instantly recogniseable aesthetic – see Gucci, Balenciaga, Dolce & Gabbana – the tactic for many designers was delivered with a shrug: ‘Why mess with success?’ Still, even they know an injection of newness is always welcome.

That wonderful confluence of timing, mood and coincidence produced numerous patterns that emerged in New York, grew in London, blossomed in Milan and exploded in Paris. Here are the ten 2018 fashion trends from you need to know.

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